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annoying !

Ok so I understand you guys have to place ads to get your money... BUT CAN YOU PLEASE NOT PUT AN AD IN WHILE IM FREAKY PLAYING like it’s literally so annoying I die every time it does that.


Wait that doesn’t sound right but anyways I had all of the reward balls and trails and with the update you took them away I worked for those and with one simple update you just took them away tell me how to fix this

What happened?

Not only is it chocked full of apps but now balls that I earned on the previous version I now have to spend gems to get. What the hell? So basically all the playing I did before was for naught. I deleted this game and will not download again from this developer.

Very addicting

Great game definitely five stars! :)

A lot of fun but there is I glitch.

It’s a lot of fun but I have beat the game three times and it reset. Some people may like that bc you can do the challenges all over again but I was mad. And sometimes the map will just end and I fall forever and have to close the game and reopen it after a few minutes.


A few days ago, I would’ve rated Slopey five stars. Not anymore. Today I noticed that Slopey has been updated! I thought, “Great! It says it has new 3D graphics and stuff, sounds cool!” Yes, the graphics are cool. Before the update, Slopey had a thing where when you play you open two chests and get diamonds, a trail, and a ball. I had unlocked all the trails and unlocked some balls AND PAID WITH DIAMONDS I EARNED for a few balls. So I open Slopey and the update description says they added a trail store. ALL MY TRAILS AND BALLS ARE GONE! GONE! NONE OF THEM ARE UNLOCKED ANYMORE! NOT COOL! I am so mad about this!! The diamonds I used to get balls are down the drain, the balls and trails I unlocked from the chests are also gone (Although the trail and ball I had selected are still selected when the “store” says they are not unlocked?) PLEASE FIX THIS! I WANT MY STUFF BACK! -An angry player.

Give me my balls and skins back

You took them away with the new update

Ads With A Side Of The Actual Game

All it is is ads it’s like cmon

Ehh use to be good

It use to be amazing till you can’t do it freely you get stopped mid way and ADS. ADS EVERYWHERE.

One star

Awful you have ads even when your playing the game


Horrible take forever to load and the. An add pops up and then you have to watch it 😡

Don’t download

Advertisements after every round. Played through the first through levels and already saw more than 10 advertisement videos


Fun game but lots of ads. Also I hit a checkered wall or something and it insta kills me. Help

I love it

I love it as long as I turn my WiFi and data off so there are no ads




This game is very fun, I have to be honest. But, when my phone says that it’s updated his game, I do actually expect the update to work. Your new update, where there is levels, does not appear on my phone. My App Store says that his has updated, but obviously it has not. I also hate how every time I die, I get an add. I get that for marketing purposes, but it’s very annoying.

Way too many ads

While I do enjoy the game and, to me, is quite addicting, there are just too many ads which show up after each death and each level. I do understand that ads are necessary to generate profit, the amount of times shown is so unnecessary and forceful.

What’s the point in trails

I watch an ad or wait eight hours and I get a skin, trail and some gem looking things, but I can’t switch to the trails to change it so I’m stuck with latest one and there are more ads then needed.

Made me restart all progress and took all my balls away

One day I opened this app after days even weeks of trying to get all the balls and the best high score I had a high score of 534 and speed record of 439 and all my progress was deleted I had all 400 gem balls and the next thing I know gone all gone

5 Stars

I love how you get daily balls



The best game ever

I love this game there is nothing I don’t like about it😘 l LOVE 💗 this game!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing game love this one

It’s so good and fun


This game is so fun!!! Thanks for reading!!!


I love this game, it’s very fun and time consuming so it’s a great app and good concept, but every time I die, I just wanna redo it but I don’t want those ads. Might delete the app.

Me encanta

Asombroso juego y música , y lo mejor de todo no abusan de los ads como algunos juegos, me gustaría que pusieran niveles y que cambiarían el skin de la bola por un carro o otro vehículo similar 👍👍🤟

Meh ok well

It needs more and kinda boring for the while and dont play if its boring to you


China is on the other side of the world so is Australia.


Oh my gosh this is my second favorite game ever!!!! There are no adds, the game itself is so much fun, and it is really easy! 5/5.

Awesome game!!

I’d recommend this game to anyone that likes fast paced games like piano tiles. It is great finger exercise

Good game

Needs more features and need to updated but a addictive game

What are the gems and treasure chests for?


Not good

Many glitches in game like when you get a new ball you can only see half of the ball


It’s an extremely fun game but I don’t know how to use the diamonds and it’s bugging me😡


Slopey tickles my toes

Amazing game

The game is VERY, VERY addicting. If so you like addicting games plz get dis app

I love this game!❤️

This game is great! It sometimes can have a glitch but for me most of the time the game is fine. I recommend you get it and at least try it.

Super fun

I definitely recommend this game it’s so addicting and fun.


Whenever you die the game crashes and it probably crashed 20+ tines on me it is a fun game though.

Love it but needs some changes

I ❤️ this game but it needs levels. Doesn’t have to many ads and is addicting.


This game is so addictive I stayed up all night playing it

Way too easy

The concept is creative but the first time I played I got a really high score. I suggest more obstacles and little less jumps.


This game is the best. Besides C.A.T.S. I love rollin down that highway


It’s gay

Get rid of the yellow blocks!

I wanna go fast, the blocks ruin it, please get rid of them, even make it another game! Please!!! The blocks take the fun out of it, they are glitchy as all heck! Even if you don’t hit it, it’ll kill you, why have them at all? You don’t need them!

Amazing but.........

The game is amazing. I love it. The only problem is that sometimes when you jump and hit right in between the ramp and the floor you lose speed and die. All I know is that it’s a glitch and I would like it to be fixed.👍👌🤞


The best game after playing for ever I got 452 they should add a end and less glitches please thank u

Great game but

It is a great game but there are so many adds it’s not fun to play there is an add before you play when you are in the middle of a game and at the end if you beat your high score or get a good score guess what add I stoped playing it after 6 hours of having the game because of the add unless you want to pay money to get rid of them don’t get the game


It’s a good game and if u want to not have ads u can play it in airplane mode but I have over 2k gems and can’t use them

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